A Better Sunday Night

Lush, warm, and energetic, summer in the Chicago area is excellent, .  There are great music/food events all over the place.  Golf, biking, boating and bags tournaments are in full swing.  However, having to go to work the next day curtails fun the day before. Even if you loved your work like I did, there was always a transition to get ready.  One of the best things about retirement is it lets you have “a better Sunday night”.

I spent a couple of days over in New Buffalo, part of the Southside Riviera, with my good buddy,  Roger Wood.  As I found out, New Buffalo has too many local breweries for an overnight stay.  We also got to play Harbor Shores, this year’s Senior PGA Tournament course.  You’ll need to bring your A game, not your post brewery tour game to properly enjoy it.  I still have a little PTSD from that round.

In addition to golfing with friends and neighbors, I played in the Laurie S. Bauer Foundation for Sudden Loss tournament founded by my old coworker and friend Andy Balbirer. It was great weather, a great cause and good fun with ex coworkers. Many current employees played and I felt for them as they had to work the next day.

If you are invited to go to see the Lost Bands of the Eighties tour make sure you go with good friends, food, and drink.  It was poor music, played badly and plenty of intermission.   Ravinia on a beautiful evening with Lori’s childhood friends and spouses, who after 30 years are now my good friends, saved the day.  Too bad it was Sunday and we decided to leave early to ease Monday work.

Being back in Chicago wasn’t all fun and games as being home also means home maintenance.  Had to stain the deck which is oversized, see first picture, and various other smaller jobs.  It’s time to get back out there.   Decided to head east this weekend before heading west next week.  Next blog post on the travels to Cleveland and Philadelphia.

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