Ridgeline Tour – The New England Swing

By Guest Blogger -Mark Glenn


Jim had given me a heads up the Ridgeline Tour was coming to Boston.  Sue and I were very excited to see Lori who we were told would be on the trip.


It was great to see them and of course we had the usual laughs and fun.  Lori looked awesome and saucy.  She is also really nice and very funny. Top 1% in both categories.  Also great to see their daughter Emily play soccer.  


Sue and I were very disappointed that the Dickens did not arrive in the Ridgeline Truck.  We had seen so many pictures and videos about the Ridgeline Truck.  However Jim did find a hidden Treasure.  The long lost ski pole which is very valuable.  So I guess the Tour is also about Treasure Hunting.  See picture below.



But without the actual Truck I started to dispute how this visit could be part of the Ridgeline Tour.


After a few weeks I think I figured it out.  The Ridgeline Tour is not just Jim driving around to see people in the Ridgeline Truck.  You could even say it is not even about a Truck.  it seems to me it is also a state of mind.  


Here’s to everyone finding their own Ridgeline Tour.

One thought on “Ridgeline Tour – The New England Swing”

  1. Mark – nice post and excellent insights on the true meaning of the Ridgeline Tour. However, I’d still complain to management about the absence of said truck; I mean, I live in Idaho. What would it be like to live here and not see the Potato Truck, right?
    Thanks for the update!
    Dede ( saucy Lori’s even saucier older sister)


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