Being Squared Away

By Jim Dickens

Some people have minds that automatically track where everything is and how to properly do things. They have orderly lives, are almost always in control and things are squared away. I am not one of those people and am thought of as absent minded needing lists and special habits to keep from losing things and missing appointments. My old fishing mentor, Dr. Z is squared away.

Dr. Z at his trusted run on the Upper Delaware

Dr Z.’s 4 wheel drive Mitsubishi Outlander is about to eclipse 200K miles. His trailer while the oldest in camp is fully functional and his river boat is self refurbished to last well into the future. His fishing gear is well organized and he is always prepared no matter the conditions. It’s comforting knowing we won’t have delays and a poor outing due to being unprepared or disorganized or unknowledgeable.

New year new gear: Upper Delaware accommodation

The Upper Delaware River flows finally calmed down enough to wade fish, so I made my way out flying through Scranton. As you can see above in addition to my customized Yeti cooler, I have added beginner drone photography. You always need to up your game.

Upper Delaware brown trout

The fishing was difficult as the river was still high with some pretty intense rains limiting the opportunity. Once, the fish started feeding just as it started pouring down, and I could not see my fly as the fish surfaced all around. It was a frustrating lost opportunity. However, we did manage to avoid getting skunked and the fish in the river remain large and rambunctious.

Mom and dad at the reservoir

Rolled back home through Philadelphia and flew the drone for my parents at the reservoir behind their house. Took picture of my brother’s house and went to dinner with his family.

My brother’s house. Good drone photograph practice

Then headed home stopping in Pittsburgh at the home of Marine Colonel Ian Ferguson another squared away guy with a 260,000 mile Ford Five Hundred and a functional flip phone. I highly recommend the pub dinner at the Blawnox Pa, Nox’s Tavern and Grille.

I admire people who are squared away and it’s always good to have someone along who is. They remind you to get your phone charger and keep you out of avoidable danger. The tour is heading out to Viroqua WI, Gibsonia, PA and Mentor, OH next. The tour is in full swing.

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