Sand Bag in Sand Valley

By Jim Dickens

My good friend Darrin and I arranged a golf trip of old college friends in mid July. He attended Eastern Illinois and I Bucknell. We decided to have a Ryder Cup style match between the schools in North Central Wisconsin at the Sand Valley Resort. It was a great time if you call losing to a bunch of sand baggers fun.

Everything was up ticket, the weather, the course, the veranda and the dining. The Bucknellians ended up buying dinner, drinks and lunch after losing on day one and losing overall. We played three rounds and Eastern Illinois won or tied almost every match. Only one Bucknellian played poorly compared to his handicap and somehow a couple of EIers played the round of their lives. I will say the group had fun drinking and trash talking together. We may do it again sometime.

The Bucknell crew and the Eastern sand baggers

I have decided I miss and like competition so next year I may join in some regular golf competitions to make life even better. Also since I am the author, my point of view is the documented history.

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