What’s with the name?

For those of you following my health, here is a final description.  The tumor was benign and I should fully recover without ongoing medication.  I will resume all normal activity by late May.  For those who want to follow or join the tour, read on.

In January of 2017, I sat in the Honda dealership enduring the long purchase process with the “finance guy” who once he got to the trade in said, “What are you doing?” and “Really, why!”.  Outside sat my high powered Audi S5 convertible, thrilling to drive especially on a warm summer evening with the stars coming out.  And, after careful research, I was trading it in for a Honda Ridgeline pick up truck.  The guy’s question was legitimate since my driving was mostly around my suburban town and into the city for work. I hadn’t “hauled” anything in years.  At the time I had no answer for the “finance guy”.

Today I understand the pick up was a catalyst to get me moving on. Many of my family and friends asked the same question as the finance guy and I had to start coming up with answers.  So I told them of all the new capabilities I might need for all new things I might do in the future.  I began seriously thinking about how I could find the time to do those things.  It meant I needed to retire.  Reason one for the blog name.

A  ridge line is also a hugely desirable topographical feature to those that drive or hike in uneven terrain.  When driving a ridge line, the road ahead is highly visible lacking surprise  turns and sudden cross traffic.  You can make good time without being white knuckled.  In hiking a ridge line, that visibility is also very helpful because it is hard to get lost and weather doesn’t sneak up on you.  Whether hiking or driving you get the best aesthetic view along the ridge line.

Some may argue the summit is the best view.  But a summit is a point or destination and a ridge line is a line or journey.  The philosophers are pretty clear on which one is better so Ridgeline it is.

Next entry will be after my wife and I go for a Tour stop in Cleveland. My daughter is turning 21 and we are taking her and her friends out to celebrate.  Combining an old convalescing worried dad with a bunch of 21 year college women on a Friday night has the makings of a train wreck.  I’ll let you know next entry along with Tour events, locations, and dates.




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