Perspective on a Bad Day

After a bad day at work or life, I would always say, “at least I’m not in a foxhole in Afghanistan” and move on with a good attitude.  I’m now going to change that to ” a week long stay in the Edwards neuro ICU”.  Here is why.
Felt awful in the middle of last week.  When my blood test came back, they said go straight the emergency room. Last Thursday night after getting to an ER room and while the doctors tried to get a central line into my jugular I went into a seizure.   I awoke in the Edwards Hospital ICU, Friday 1 AM.  Bed bound and with a screaming headache, I dearly spent three more days and nights. In the last 2 weeks, over a week has been in ICU.

Needless to say I missed going to Cleveland last weekend to celebrate my daughter’s 21st. We’ve made a rain check in May.  So I am convalescing until May 7th when I expect to be cleared for activity.   Next Tour event is Chicago golf. I will be playing every day from May 7th to 17th and have openings.  Let me know if you want to join.

I’ll post another blog on the 2018 plan and share a calendar of events soon.

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