Non Believers

I have added Out West #1 to the Tour schedule check the sidebar web pages.  If you want to read about the first week of retirement keep going.

I have heard from some family and friends that they’re afraid of being bored or are uncertain what they would do if they retire.  They don’t believe in the promise of retirement.  I encourage those of you like that to work on getting out of your comfort zone and to think hard about what you could do with time and freedom.  Here’s why.

May 7th, the neurosurgeon released me to normal activity warning me that I am still healing and will have about 50% of the normal energy to do things.  I feel like a prisoner set free.  In the last 7 days, I have played 100 holes of golf, attended a Chicago Fire game, attended a charity gala and been out to dinner downtown connecting with neighbors, forgotten friends, workmates and current golfing buddies.  I was not rushed or time compressed and was rested and able to thoroughly enjoy all of it.

The East Coast Swing starts this Friday.  Looking forward to family, friends  and adventure.  Next blog will be from the road.

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