From the mouths of babes

IMG_3368The initial Ridgeline Tour set of events is posted on the side panel of this site.  Look for “East Coast Swing”.  Future blogs will be from the swing.  If you want to know more about my planning for retirement please read on.

To gain insight on how to retire, I non intuitively asked my children.   On Easter 2017, each stood up and gave me a 10-15 minute presentation on what I should do with the rest of my life.  Here are the results:

Kid #1- Here are your guiding principles: Pursue an intellectually stimulating and emotionally appealing area. Leverage expertise and skills. Be philanthropic but also be competitive and results-driven. Strive for greatest good for the most people.

Kid #2- Your passion is sustainability and clean water. Here are places to learn about it. Here are different technologies. Here are ways to join in as a volunteer, an employee or an entrepreneur.

Kid #3 – Remember this is retirement and you can find a new lifestyle. Perhaps you should work less and play more. Why don’t you re-establish and strengthen relationships with family and friends. Go do some cool things.

I presented my 2018 retirement plan back to my kids, Easter 2018.  Here are excerpts:

Goals: 1. Seriously plan and seek great experiences with family and friends.  2. Complete an investigation in clean water and build a plan to join in.

Daily Activity Structure:  2 hours mental and physical well being, 2 hours learning, 5 hours work and play

Accountability: Quarterly read out to the kids on progress against goals.  Next read out is 4th of July.

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