All I have left

When people ask me why I love fishing and golf so much,  I respond that it’s all that I have left.  Ailing knees and an unstable shoulder relegate me to the world of low impact. Golf and fishing have knowledge, decision making and coordinated execution.  More importantly they are excellent buddy activities.

On the East Coast Swing,  I got to play the Pete Dye River Course at Virginia Tech with my good buddy Chris Milhous.  I picked him up at his home in Marrietta, GA and we drove through the remnants of Subtropical Storm Alberto to Blacksburg.  Luckily Chris is a good story teller and driver so the trip felt short.  We played an awesome course and Chris is an even better golfer so I learned from him as well.  Unfortunately that learning did not translate well for the fraternity brother reunion tournament, The Red Stackloaf Invitational.

The Stackloaf adds in a beer drinking dimension requiring excellent decision making, the “chug mulligan” .    You may take a mulligan (retake your shot) provided you chug a beer before you do it.   The decision is when and how many chug mulligans to take.  Chug mulligans early and often ruin your decision making and coordination for the rest of the round creating a vicious circle.   However, these vicious circles are often hilarious to observe.  I watched one in my foursome this year do 5 chug mulligans in two holes causing one of the others in my foursome literally fall down with laughter (notice the crooked hat and dirty club in the picture below).  This year’s Stackloaf was fantastic but the fishing was even better.

I fished with two great buddies, Dr. Pat McMahon and Pete Mathieson, who also happen to be well connected skilled fly fisherman.  We spent a couple of days fishing, Penns Creek and the private waters of Spruce Creek and the Rolling Rock Club.   Fishing I think has better stories.  The waters we fished had lots of extra large trout.

Rolling Rock Creek is beautiful providing amazing aesthetics.  We were joined by Pat’s friend George who owns Albert’s Meats.  We had a great barbecue stream side.  I have included the pictures here to dispel the doubt placed around my “fish” story.

The East Coast Swing will be done again.  Maybe fewer longer stops and a few less miles. Golf and fishing help you hone your decision making skills and are useful beyond.  No question doing the Ridgeline Tour now while I am able was a good decision.  Some cliches like “seize the day” are still wise.

At the Bucknell Reunion we saw the Class of 1968.  They did not look like they could still walk 18 holes or wade a stream or hike in the mountains or kayak a river or bike the wine country.  Thats only 14 more summers then never again.  The Tour must continue. It’s all I have left.

The next blog entries will be from the European Tour.  Look on the side bar for the schedule.

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