Well the East Coast Swing is complete. The Honda Ridgeline logged 4,680 miles in 18 days with events in  Cleveland, Pittsburgh, the Upper Delaware, Washington DC, Siesta Key FL, Atlanta, Virginia Tech, Bucknell,  and the Rolling Rock Club.  Siesta Key and Bucknell featured reunions.

My brother’s family, my family and my mom and dad gathered in an 8 bedroom, 6 bathroom, 2 pool complex.  I thought May would be before hurricane season but we were wrong.  I have worked with insurance companies for years who  factor global warming effects into their models for longer hurricane seasons and more storms.

Still I booked Florida anyway and Subtropical Storm Alberto washed out most of the planned activities.   Luckily the family got along well and cut me slack.  We failed to go fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, boating and beach barring.  We did some golf and beach walking. There was a tour of Mayakka State Park to see gators, birds etc. My brother’s daughters planned a surprise Siesta Key Fiesta to celebrate recent birthdays.  Hats off to them for making the most of it.

A great thing about family reunion’s is reconnecting with nieces and nephews because they are growing up and there is always new interesting news.  My nieces brought their significant others with them, a marketer for industry disrupter PayPal and a naval pilot.  They got along well with my kids and I hope they stick around.  With our children now adults it will be hard to get them all together again, but we will try.  They are great people and give me faith in America’s youth breaking the negative stereotype.

Bucknell was a different reunion with frat brothers of 35 years.  We revert back to how we interacted back in the day. Trash talking, jokes and phrases were pulled out from years ago.  I “shotgunned” a beer although a light beer slowly.  It’s really fun to belly laugh with guys from long ago.  We went through a lot of growing up together and the bonds really are strong and brotherly.  I still count them among my best friends. ‘Ray Bucknell!

One of the highlights of the Bucknell Reunion was playing in an annual golf tournament, the Red Stackloaf Open.  Look for another blog entry on Golf and Fishing shortly.

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