I’ve been on the much anticipated 1st West Coast swing and I have realized that what I think happens isn’t reality and others have different and very cool perspectives.  Therefore you can anticipate from now on that I will be inviting guest posts from others on the Ridgeline tour.

My dear wife, Lori, drove from Chicago to Denver in one day.  We went through horrendous weather and construction but she was in with me.   Our kids and Lori’s sister Susie flew into Denver to meet us.  The Concordia’s, old friends, were out of town but shared their sensational home with us so we could have a close base to see the Avett brothers at the Red Rocks amphitheater.  I highly recommend Red Rocks and will be back again.

Lori flew to Boise but my three kids jumped in the Ridgeline with me and we  hiked and camped for a couple of days on the way to Boise.  I highly recommend getting altitude acclimated before hiking from 9,500 to 12,400 feet.

In Boise we had a family reunion for several days and it went from perfect to hot.  I ended up fishing in a canyon at a 105 with 55 degree water, a very weird sensation.  But we did catch some big fish.

Finally my old friend Chet, joined me to fish from Boise to Bozeman.  We did too much too fast, again, but old friends can adjust without drama.

Look for posts from my son, Jack, on hiking and camping, my sister in law, Dede Gruenberg, on the family reunion, and good old Chet on fishing from the desert to the forest.  The Avett brothers had a message of do no harm and make no enemies to which I totally relate.  The saying “there is too much hate in the world” rings true.  Next time I see you let’s smile.

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