What a Difference a Day Makes

Guest Post by Jack Dickens

On the first day of being 26, I found myself carefully considering whether or not I believed in omens. Because if I did, what was happening around me was definitely not good. Hail was pouring down, lightning was streaking across the sky, and thunderous booms were echoing across the valley.

As I looked behind me in concern I was greeted only with the maniacal smiles of my dad, brother, and sister who were taking a sick joy in our predicament. My dad was so happy with the situation that he was bursting into song. I did not feel confident that this would be a good year.

But we hiked on through the Mt. Zirkel wilderness and as we continued the storm subsided. When we got to the last mile the sun broke through the clouds and the hill came alive with the color of the mountain wildflowers. We reached the summit of our hike with a cloudless sky and an electric blue alpine lake. I was and still am, struck by how much changed in a matter of hours.

And if there was a takeaway from the Mt. Zirkel hike it was this- keep on hiking with the ones you love- through the mud, lightning, hail and rain. Because soon enough the storm will break and the sun and wind will be at your back. The storm will have made it all the sweeter. Cheers!

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