Saturday Night Dinner 11/17/18

By German, Brazilian, American Guest Blogger Andreas Hecht

OK, I must be one of the most uninspired writers out there, so when Jim asked me (told me?!) to contribute to the Ridgeline blog on the occasion of yesterday’s dinner, I knew I was in for a lengthy exercise. Anyhow, I digress…


We have made it a recurring thing to get the heads of the CCC verticals together with their better halves to find some time away from all the day-to-day craziness for some fun and to relish in Jim’s post-retirement adventures. I thought that this was going to become a short-lived exercise (or at least the retirement portion of it) when I saw Jim’s recent blog discussing his thoughts around coming back to CCC. Anyhow, false alarm, Jim’s doing just fine without the day-to-day work-life and finding time for things like the free flu-shot queue at his grocery store…nevertheless, his heart is still a bit in it and he was curious about the latest developments

We got together for a wonderful dinner at Devon Seafood and Steak at Oakbrook Terrace (see pic). I will point out that Jim apparently did not make this an official stop along the Ridgeline Tour as they took Lori’s car 😦  … bummer, I would have love to have inspected the ‘safe repair’ done on his car, ADAS sensors and all!

Jim is in great spirits but I guess if you’re an avid reader of the Tour you already know that. He’s keeping in shape and has signed up for 3 cross-country ski-tours after the new year.

I promised Jim I’d add a bit of German stuff into this post, so here it goes. I found this one very fitting (as an aside, Wilhelm Busch was the author of one of the most famous Germany children books – “Max und Moritz”, one I grew up with and can recite to this day)

Viel zu spät begreifen viele
die versäumten Lebensziele:
Freuden, Schönheit und Natur,
Gesundheit, Reisen und Kultur.
Drum, Mensch, sei zeitig weise!
Höchste Zeit ist’s! Reise, reise!

(Wilhelm Busch)

…and here’s what it means:

Way too late many realize

the lost goals in life

Joy, beauty and nature

Health, travel and culture

So therefore, man!, be wise and timely!

It’s about time … travel travel!


Cheers – had a great time!


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