Good Cadence

Sam Snead’s Grill, Naples, Florida

By Jim Dickens

I have mentioned several times that I have been going too fast.   I have been gone every weekend and usually once during the week since before Labor Day usually spending only one night before packing, traveling and unpacking again.  So just before Thanksgiving it was nice to spend an extra long weekend in Naples, FL with good friends, Pete, Patty, Roger and Katie.  Lori and I unpacked in one place for 4 nights and avoided crappy Chicago weather for a little longer.  It was a good cadence.

It’s really good not to rush and have to do extensive travel logistics.  We did one or two things each day and enjoyed getting enough sleep, exercise and good food.

When in Naples, I suggest you take advantage of how old the average person is there to feel young again.  Seven thirty dinner reservations are much easier.  For Seinfeld fans, I know Naples must have a complex somewhere named Del Boca Vista.

As you may know, the Ridgeline Tour was in Florida for last Memorial day during Tropical Depression Albert.  However, this time the Tour found Chamber of Commerce weather.  And no the Honda Ridgeline was not driven here and yes it still counts as the Ridgeline Tour and no it is not in a body shop due to my poor driving (although it does have a rear bumper hit from the last time parked in Cleveland).  As guest bloggers have realized the Ridgeline Tour is a state of mind not a truck drive.

Many thanks to our good friends for helping us find a good cadence as we headed into Thanksgiving in wine country.  Another chance to feel young again as we hang around young people.  Look for the next blog coming out of Northern California soon.

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